Moisture Meters, the Right Tool for the Job

** Moisture Meters, the Right Tool for the Job **
We have added a moisture meter to our tool kit, with remarkable results. The original intention was to avoid having to tell so many clients that they should consider a Mold inspection just to find out if certain areas were damp or not. Now we can answer those questions directly. Since it’s so quick to use it was decided to use the moisture meter around many of the common leak areas that are already being looked at during the inspection, around plumbing fixtures, exterior doors and windows. This has produced surprising results, about twice as many leaks are being found as before. These water leaks are being found in many instances that are not showing outward signs such as discoloration or water damage.

Shortly after we started using the meter it was used on an apartment building inspection and the meter showed that about 3/4 of the toilets and about 1/2 of the Showers were leaking. Most of these were not showing visible signs of leakage. This saved the buyer an awful lot of otherwise unexpected trouble and expense in the future.

** Hardware Made Easy **
If you need a great Hardware store in the West Hollywood area there is none better than Koontz Hardware. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and their stock is amazing. What little they don’t have they can probably order for you. I once ordered parts for a street light at Koontz, a real Street light like the City uses.

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