Infrared Cameras for Mold Inspectors

While we have added Moisture Meter technology to our kit, some Mold inspectors have added Infrared camera technology to theirs and it too is producing excellent results. In a nutshell my understanding is: infrared cameras highlight cool areas, and cool areas might be damp. Moisture meters are better at detecting moisture but it would take a long time to sweep over every foot of a house’s walls, floors and ceilings. These suspect cooler areas found with an Infrared camera are then checked with a moisture meter to determine if water moisture is causing the coolness. Just because an area of a wall or whatever is cool does not mean that it is damp, air circulation can also make 1 area cooler than others, such as by an Air Conditioner or Foundation vent. We recommend only using Mold Inspectors that use Infrared cameras as a part of their inspection accordingly. If you would like a referral to Mold Inspectors whom we know to use infrared cameras see our referral page or call our office.

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