Water Problems

Water Problems can be tricky to solve on occasion, it is important to understand the issues. The other day at an inspection somebody said that water was leaking in through a Window because there wasn’t a Rain Gutter above. This isn’t really true, although installing a Rain Gutter system is always a good idea and it would probably reduce the amount of water that gets to the window. Buildings are not supposed to allow water in so it is always critical to find where the water is actually getting through. It only takes a hole the size of the head of a pin for a fair amount of water to get into a building. There are times when the actual cause of the leak cannot be reliably determined and the only thing to do is to try a repair and see if it stops the problem.

B&B Hardware is another excellent Hardware store and it’s bigger than most independents. It has an extensive stock and a number of knowledgeable people to help you. (I have been there many times myself)

Hardware – B&B Hardware       Work (310) 390-9413
12450 Washington Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90066-5512

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